Official Announcement: The Koin Crew KCT & NFT Launch

We are thrilled to unveil the grand vision for “Koin Crew”, an innovative project poised to significantly enhance the Koinos ecosystem, driving both platform and independent project growth. Introducing “The Crew” NFTs: “The Crew” NFTs are not just any NFT; they are instrumental in bolstering the growth of Koin Crew and fortifying our commitment to […]

OG-Rex: The Prehistoric NFT Project on Koinos

Welcome to the fascinating world of OG-Rex, an exclusive and captivating NFT project rooted in the Koinos community. As we journey through the prehistoric landscapes, we will uncover the project’s beginnings, the rarity of the collectibles, and the advantages of joining the OG-Rex society. By the end of this adventure, you’ll have a deeper understanding […]

Discover KAP Domains: Your Ultimate Guide to the Next Generation of Blockchain Domains

The Koinos Account Protocol (KAP) Domains are revolutionizing the way we interact with blockchain technology. By introducing an intuitive naming system for users and organizations, KAP Domains are setting a new standard for usability and accessibility within the Koinos ecosystem. In this blog post, we will explore the different account types, the team behind the […]