Welcome to the fascinating world of OG-Rex, an exclusive and captivating NFT project rooted in the Koinos community. As we journey through the prehistoric landscapes, we will uncover the project’s beginnings, the rarity of the collectibles, and the advantages of joining the OG-Rex society. By the end of this adventure, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the OG-Rex NFT project and its connection to the Koinos community.

The Art of the Prehistoric: OG-Rex Collectibles Explained

OG-Rex Super Rare Koinos Collectables proudly stands as the first randomly minted NFT collection on the Koinos blockchain. With only 350 OG-Rex NFTs in existence, these collectibles offer a sense of exclusivity and scarcity to their owners. Each NFT is uniquely crafted from six different layers, boasting 51 possible traits and ensuring every OG-Rex is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Unearthing the OG-Rex Treasure: Minting Details and Pricing

The coveted OG-Rex NFTs were minted in two distinct phases. The first half was priced at 125 $KOIN each, while the second half was available for 150 $KOIN each. This historic minting event took place on January 5th, 2023, at 9 PM UTC, drawing the attention of both novice and experienced collectors. With the limited supply of these NFTs, their value and rarity continue to grow.

Beyond the Collectible: The Exclusive OG-Rex Society

Ownership of an OG-Rex NFT transcends the digital art itself; it symbolizes membership in an exceptional and thriving society. As an OG-Rex NFT holder, you’ll enjoy access to exclusive Discord channels, where you can engage with fellow collectors and discuss all aspects of the project. Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to vote on new features for the collection, actively shaping the future of the OG-Rex project.

Exploring the OG-Rex Marketplace: Kollection NFT Marketplace

For those seeking to discover and trade OG-Rex NFTs, the Kollection NFT Marketplace is the perfect destination. Visit the marketplace at https://kollection.app/collection/1N2AhqGGticZ8hYmwNPWoroEBvTp3YGsLW to browse, buy, and sell these prehistoric treasures with fellow enthusiasts.

Connect with the Prehistoric World: Engaging with the OG-Rex Community

Embarking on this prehistoric adventure is simple. To learn more about the project, visit the official website at https://ogrex.io/. Connect with other enthusiasts on the Discord server at https://discord.gg/WAAuh8bndD, and follow OG-Rex on Twitter at https://twitter.com/OGREXKoinos for the latest news and updates.

Concluding Our OG-Rex Expedition

We hope this exploration of the OG-Rex NFT project has provided valuable insights into its connection with the Koinos community and the unique society it nurtures. OG-Rex offers not only rare and captivating digital art but also an opportunity to become part of a growing and vibrant network. So, take the plunge and immerse yourself in the prehistoric world of OG-Rex!