We are thrilled to unveil the grand vision for “Koin Crew”, an innovative project poised to significantly enhance the Koinos ecosystem, driving both platform and independent project growth.

Introducing “The Crew” NFTs:

“The Crew” NFTs are not just any NFT; they are instrumental in bolstering the growth of Koin Crew and fortifying our commitment to Koinos/Koin.

NFT Allocation and Sale Details:

NFT & KCT Utilities:

NFT Utility:

KCT Utility:

Cross Project Utility: Dialogues are ongoing to offer more benefits for NFT holders.

Contrarily, KCT is purely for project utility, such as minting NFTs, merchandise, ect., with expansive plans on the horizon for both KCT and NFT utilities.

Future Prospects: A Second NFT Collection

A subsequent Koin Crew NFT Collection is anticipated, “The Passengers”. This collection, projected to range between 300-900 NFTs, is specifically designed for Profile Picture (PFP) utility, and offers privileged access to the private group. Final decisions on mint numbers and pricing are pending. A consistent 5% NFT collection royalty will fuel the project wallet for this collection too. Primary collection holders will receive a free drop from this collection.

Reward System: Honoring our Backbone

Our reward mechanism is a token of appreciation for our ardent backers demonstrating unwavering support. Holders of KC NFTs stand to gain:

NFT Rewards are sourced from investment gains from the koincrew.koin wallet, which include Moonboys rewards, token sales, NFT sale royalties, direct NFT sales, merchandise, services and future investments.

Who will decide when rewards are given?

A committee of core members and stakeholders will initially determine these details with full transparency and community feedback. Future decisions may be based on a DAO or other more transparent options. (reward schedule, ect.)

Towards a Decentralized Future: The Possibility of Embracing a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

In the spirit of ensuring a genuine community-driven project, we’re considering establishing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The rationale behind introducing a second collection for rewards, rather than KCT holders, is precisely this: to facilitate a more inclusive DAO and community. With only 60 NFTs from the primary collection, we acknowledge the limitation. However, the subsequent collection launch will provide the robust foundation needed for a thriving DAO for investments and Issuing rewards. We want to build a community driven project that is trustworthy and transparent. A DAO may assist in this step but may not be the best option for the projects success. This is why the DAO is still being considered. However, our promise is to have a community driven project that is fully transparent, while making sure to always protect project funds and community members.

Looking Forward

While we have an expansive roadmap in store, this announcement encompasses the definitive plans for the immediate future as of now. With the immense potential of Koinos steering us, Koin Crew is just embarking on its monumental journey.

In our initial phases, we’re focusing on foundational steps such as Brand Creation, Koinos Giveaways, and the introduction of “The Crew” NFT Collection Drop. As we progress, our community can look forward to exciting developments like the launch of a Merchandise Store and explorations into DAO/Community Voting Mechanics.

We’re committed to building an ecosystem where participants can leverage resources to create value on the Koinos blockchain. This vision is powered by elements like NFT Collections, Burn Pool, Marketing Services, and Mini Games. For an in-depth look at all our plans and phases, please refer to our detailed roadmap.

Thank you for believing in Koin Crew. Together, we’re bound for greatness.