IMPORTANT: This page will be updated frequently to reflect the project progress and ongoing plans.

At Koin Crew, we believe in the immense potential of the Koinos blockchain and aim to create an ecosystem where participants can tap into this potential to generate value. We’ve charted out a strategic roadmap to guide our journey, ensuring we remain aligned with our objectives while delivering consistent value to our community.

Detailed Roadmap Breakdown:

Phase 1: Laying the Foundation

Phase 2: Expansion and Community Engagement

Phase 3: Deepening Community Involvement

Future Plans:

Quick Reference Table:

PhaseKey Initiatives
Phase 1– Brand Creation
– Koinos Giveaways
– Fund Project Wallet
– Launch Koin Crew Token
– “The Crew” NFT Collection Drop
– KCT Buyback
– Add KCT Liquidity
Phase 2– Merchandise Store
– Marketing and Press Services
– “The Passengers” NFT Mint
– “The Passengers” NFT Drop to “The Crew”
– Merch & Koinos Giveaways
Phase 3– Explore DAO/Community Voting Mechanics
– Continued Giveaways
– Raffles and Contests
– First NFT Collection Rewards
Future– Project Investments
– Burn Pool
– Liquidity Pools
– Mini Games
– Mana Sharing

With this roadmap, Koin Crew is poised to lead the ascent in the Koinos blockchain ecosystem, fostering community collaboration and ensuring project accessibility through strong Tokenomics. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey!