Koin Crew is a decentralized collective of individuals united by a shared purpose: to propagate the knowledge and innovation that Koinos brings. In a world dominated by centralized power structures, Koin Crew aspires to liberate the human spirit from these constraints, paving the way for a truly borderless, inclusive, and decentralized future.

Koin Crew is not just a group; it’s a movement. It comprises free thinkers, innovators, and disruptors who challenge the status quo. They envision a world where information flows without barriers, free from censorship. Their strength is derived from their anonymity and unity, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, transcending race, creed, and nationality. All are bound by a shared belief in the transformative power of Koinos.

Presale 100% Sold Out! Liquidity Locked Until 2030
Finalized November 6th, 2023

Koinos – The Vision

Koinos is a next-generation blockchain protocol that embodies the vision of Koin Crew. It’s designed to foster innovation and empower creators, ushering in a new era of decentralized applications and services. The potential of Koinos is limited only by our collective imagination, and Koin Crew is dedicated to harnessing this potential for the betterment of humanity.

Koin Crew Token (KCT) – The Heart of the Community

Introducing the Koin Crew Token (KCT), the official community coin crafted exclusively for the ardent supporters of Koin Crew. This token is not just a digital asset; it symbolizes the unwavering faith and commitment of the Koin Crew community. As Koin Crew progresses and evolves, KCT will be at the forefront, playing a crucial role in shaping its future. One of the exciting aspects of KCT is its intrinsic connection to upcoming NFT drops, with more surprises yet to be unveiled.

Token Specifications:


Launch Information:

  • Presale KCT per Koin: 50
  • Listing KCT per Koin: 50
  • Tokens for Presale: 500,000
  • Tokens for Listing: 480,000
  • Softcap: 2,500
  • Hardcap: 10,000
  • Minimum Purchase: 50 KCT
  • Maximum Purchase: 500 KCT
  • Audit Status: Passed
  • Liquidity Pool: 96%
  • Liquidity Lock: 2,262 days

    Token Allocation Metrics:
    • Presale Allocation: 500,000 KCT (50% of total supply)
    • Listing Allocation: 480,000 KCT (48% of total supply)
    • Fees Allocation: 10,000 KCT (1% of total supply)
    • Unlocked Allocation: 10,000 KCT (1% of total supply)

Invitation to Join

Whether you’re a developer, artist, entrepreneur, or someone with a passion for change, Koin Crew welcomes you. Together, they aim to create a new digital frontier, free from past limitations and fueled by collective creativity. In challenging times, they stand united, unwavering in their pursuit of a brighter future. As Koin Crew often states, “Together, we are one. Together, we are unstoppable.”