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Koin Crew Token​

Introducing the Koin Crew Token (KCT), the official community coin crafted exclusively for the ardent supporters of Koin Crew. This token is not just a digital asset; it symbolizes the unwavering faith and commitment of the Koin Crew community.

KCT Utility

  • Airdrops on The Koinos Network to NFT Owners

As Koin Crew progresses and evolves, KCT will be at the forefront, playing a crucial role in shaping its future.

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000 KCT
  • Address: 


The Crew NFTs

“The Crew” NFTs are multi-utility in that they not only represent ownership of the project, but also are the foundation for all projects and partnerships being worked on by the Koin Crew. You can find a full list of current NFT Utility below:

  • 1.66%+ project distributions per NFT.
  • Koincity Partnership Perks:
    • 30-minutes early access to Launchpads
  • Private Discord for exclusive updates and Project Discussion
  • Free Use of Premium Koin Crew Tools:
  • NFT Marketplaces: Resell your NFTs on Kollection.
  • Konio Wallet Partnership Perks:
    • Reduced Fiat Ramp Fees (Coming Soon)
    • In-App Swaps
    • Discounted Project Listings
    • Exclusive $KONIO Drop Whitelist
  • More Project & Partnership Perks on the Way!

Crew Drops


Phase 1: Laying the Foundation

  • Brand Creation: Establishing a strong brand identity that resonates with our mission and values.
  • Start Koinos Giveaways: Engaging the community with giveaways to foster participation and excitement.
  • Fund Project Wallet: Securing funds to ensure smooth operations and project development.
  • Launch Koin Crew Token (KCT): Introducing our native token to power the ecosystem.
  • “The Crew” NFT Collection Drop: Launching our inaugural NFT collection to offer unique digital assets to our community.
  • KCT Buyback & Liquidity: Reinforcing the value of KCT by strategically buying back supply and increasing liquidity on the exchange.

Phase 2: Expansion & Engagement

  • Create Additional Crew NFT & KCT Utility
    • KCT NFT Marketplace Utility
    • Crew NFT Holder Launchpad Early Access
  • Merchandise Store: Offering branded merchandise for Koin Crew & Koinos enthusiasts.
  • Marketing and Press Services for Projects: Providing dedicated marketing and press services to help budding projects gain visibility and traction. (Premium Services)
  • NFT Collection Airdrop dApp
  • First NFT Collection Rewards: Recognizing and rewarding early adopters and loyal community members.
  • Enhancement of Our Token Tools: Token Tracking Tools Updates to bring more functionality and private Crew Utility

Phase 3: Deepening Involvement

  • “The Passengers” NFT Mint: Unveiling another unique NFT collection for our community.
  • “The Passengers” NFT Drop: Free NFT drop to “The Crew” NFT holders.
  • Explore DAO/Community Voting Mechanics: Empowering our community with decision-making capabilities.
  • Project Investments: Channeling funds into promising projects that align with our goals.
  • Liquidity Pools: Enhancing liquidity provisions for smoother token transactions.
  • Mana Sharing: Enabling free development and use of the blockchain for new users, promoting inclusivity and wider adoption.
  • Mini Games: Introducing engaging games for the community, fostering interaction and enjoyment.

IMPORTANT: This roadmap will be updated frequently to reflect the project progress and ongoing plans.

At Koin Crew, we believe in the immense potential of the Koinos blockchain and aim to create an ecosystem where participants can tap into this potential to generate value. We’ve charted out a strategic roadmap to guide our journey, ensuring we remain aligned with our objectives while delivering consistent value to our community.